A Collaborative Effort To Improve
Instruction For This Generation

Dr. Richard Elmore

Dr-Richard-Elmore“Principals are spending more and more time on instruction, but it is not time well spent, in that it does not yield widespread results.  They should direct their energies to developing the group.  The principal’s role is to lead the school’s teachers in a process of learning to improve their teaching, while learning alongside them what works and what doesn’t work” (p. 56).  The Principal:  Three Keys to Maximizing Impact (2014)

John D. Welty Center for Educational Policy and Leadership

Serving Central California

Fresno State
SH Cowell Foundation
Benjamin and Marion Kremen School of Education and Human Development

Dr. Michael Fullan

Dr-Michael-FullanIn 2014, Dr. Elmore and  his students entered into a partnership with the Welty Center,  Clovis Unified School District and the Fresno County Office of Education to develop the knowledge and skills to project their own schools forward, impacting the learning of students at high levels across all classrooms.  In essence, to grow from within, developing their own internal coherence. Through the important research and collaborative efforts of Dr. Elmore, Dr. Michelle Forman, Dr. Candice Bocala  and Dr. Elizabeth Stosich, BCII has expanded from a pilot program in a single district to include multiple rural and urban districts across Central California.

  • Steve-Weil

    “BCII is a comprehensive framework that guides educational systems to develop a focus on student and adult learning, leading to high student performance.  I believe, after almost 45 years in public education, BCII offers the greatest potential for educators to maximize their professional success for the benefit of our students.”

    Steve Weil, BCII Facilitator
  • Becky-Douglas

    “BCII has made me much more reflective not only as a site facilitator, but as a learner within that role of facilitator.  I no longer feel the obligation to be the disseminator of knowledge.  I am a co-member of a team of professionals who work together to answer unanswerable questions while I get out of the spotlight and shine the spotlight on the kids.”

    Becky Douglas, Teacher
    Temperance-Kutner Elementary School
  • Ray-Lozano

    “I have never participated in such a powerful experience alongside of my classroom teachers! BCII has forever changed my leadership style for the better. I have been given simple tools that empower those around me so that we can truly create better learning experiences for children. It really is the TEAM, not individuals acting alone, that will reform education. BCII has opened my eyes, and I have already seen a positive change in my school culture. I look forward to our continued growth using the BCII tools we have learned, and I know that our children will be more successful than ever!”

    Ray Lozano, Principal
    Weldon Elementary School
  • Kia-Yang

    “Taking my staff through BCII training has been a powerful learning experience for all of us.  As a site leader, it’s made me be more reflective of my leadership practices by analyzing our current systems.  BCII provided my team with tools to develop teacher leaders, and create a psychologically safe learning environment for adults in order to build true shared leadership.   As a result of this training, my teachers are leading, taking ownership and working together toward a school wide implementation of effective instructional practices to increase student achievement.”

    Kia Yang, Principal
    Miramonte Elementary School

Dr. Virginia (Ginny) Boris



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